Secure information system

We provide consultancy services for the implementation of information security management systems. We can conduct security risk analyses and develop efficient and cost-effective security measures. We can also take over complete administration and monitoring of the safety features of your information system or increase safety awareness among your employees through information security training.

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Secure IT infrastructure

We work closely with leading manufacturers of security systems to always find the optimal solution for securing your IT infrastructure. We offer modern and reliable firewalls, antivirus and anti-spam gateways, monitoring and reporting tools, as well as top products for securing wireless networks and end user security software.

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Protecting your business

In today’s competitive environment it is information that dictates the success of a company. However, it is necessary to protect the information well. This means not only ensuring confidentiality but also accessibility and integrity. Leave this in the care of our professionals and free your hands for the further development of your company.

MABI Information Security Systems s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the field of information security and information security systems. Our specialists will help you identify and assess security risks and suggest ways to protect against these risks. In cooperation with our partners we deliver high quality security systems for wired and wireless computer networks. The increased level of protection of your information will benefit not only you but also your customers and partners.